warrior-in-training (aka WIT)

just some attempts to actually (!!) think (way more) less…


I wish I would feel like writing…but I totally feel like NOT writing…and even if I can think of a gazillion reasons why it’s a good day…it just feels sad and bad day in some dark creepy corner of me…and I also want chocolate (which I decided NOT to want)…I had some alredy (no guilt thankfully), but I want more (!!!)…wait, what about all those people who can’t even afford chocolate? how do they feel? oh, SCREW it, I CAN’T be always thinking about others, but if they tell me they want some chocolate…then…today it’s on me…

your WIT

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One thought on “honestly…

  1. and let me tell me (since I know that I still don’t have thousands (or even 1 for that matter) of readers)…I kinda feel better after putting this down there in the internet space without much thought…it did pick me up a bit…so I thank me! 🙂

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